Lafayette Sweets is a leading Canadian brand in manufacturing and distributing premium frozen desserts. With North American distribution, Lafayette Sweets supplies to restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, cruise ships, casinos, healthcare institutions, and airlines.



7 Baker is a premium, locally-owned and sourced Euro-Asian bakery. Our three core values —  health, innovation and sharing, lies in everything that we do. We believe that less is more; that the natural flavors of our ingredients should be the main highlight. Inspired by all the tiny moments happening in our daily lives, we aim to be “ Your Daily Delight” by using our own mouth-watering recipes.

STC Location:

300 Borough Drive, Unit R007, Scarbrough ON, M1P 4P5

Midland Location:

B112/113, 3272 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON, M1V 0C7